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This is where I occasionally post something that seems important enough to put out there. The pages are where I have put some thoughts on areas of interest – and then the relevant posts are listed there for any further interest you might have. The Serious and Trivial Topics over there on the right are where the random thoughts and streams of consciousness are. This Blog is mostly for people who know me. Some of the content is fluff. The rest is probably interesting for only some people. Down the bottom you can see a preview of some recent posts.

You will find discussions about the environment and science here. You will probably find more about Government than you might like to read. That is ok, read what you like and ignore the rest.

BTW. As of 17 January 2019 I am updating this blog. Because WordPress now makes it enjoyable again.

Recent Articles

Have a look at the categories (topics in the sidebar) if they interest you and the snapshots below for recent articles. Tags may help you explore a bit.

Consulting Now!

Consulting used to be a simple industry to understand and smart people could be successful…
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Brewing Journey Pt 3

Brewing Different StylesTesting my skills and developing new ones by doing new things Several styles…

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A Brewing Journey

Discovering brewing and a bit of the 1850s The beginningExtracts from forum posts edited It…

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Are we happy?

What is happiness even… This is a good question. Treat the questions below like a…

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