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This is where I occasionally post something that seems important enough to put out there. The pages are where I have put some thoughts on areas of interest – and then the relevant posts are listed there for any further interest you might have. The Serious and Trivial Topics over there ? are where the random thoughts and streams of consciousness are. This Blog is mostly for people who know me. Much of the content is fluff. The rest is probably interesting for only some people. Down the very bottom ? there is a tag cloud for things I have tagged. There you go …

You will find discussions about the environment and science here. You will probably find more about Government than you might like to read. That is ok, read what you like and do not read the rest.

BTW. As of 17 January 2019 I am updating this blog. Because WordPress now makes it enjoyable again.


This page is not really seeking comments. Comments are right down the bottom of the page in the footer, if you are interested. Feel free to offer your thoughts, however I cannot respond instantly. I also require you to do something to show you are not a spambot.


I have included a series of book reviews for some of the books I have enjoyed reading the most. My previous reviews are lost so I am gradually recreating them.

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