Why I went offline

The short story is that Servage sent me a message telling me that there were pages on my blog that were infected with malware. I checked and they were disabled test sites that may have been infected with something so I deleted them. Problem fixed I thought. No.

Servage blocked the site completely so it looked as if it was disabled. They then refused to allow me to have the site re-enabled and every request I made was responded to with a form letter telling me to take security precautions that I had already taken. If they bothered to check this would have been obvious.

So I have extracted the files and recreated the parts of my website I can conveniently do so but the blog itself is now not able to be used because of a bug in an upgrade script that corrupted the database, disabling access to the admin interface of wordpress. I could only see the public part of the blog. My plan was to cut and paste the content to another blog to recover content. Servage put paid to that idea.

So am I annoyed with Servage? Yes I am. I found their service approach to be dreadful. What they offer is attractive but is it really worth the trouble it causes to have such poor service? I decided not.

I may write more about this but for the moment I will leave you with the simple message. Avoid using Servage.

Hello Again World!

Starting to get back online.

The headline is that after a failure at Servage, my blog was corrupted. Several things could be fixed but others could not.

On a new host now at Go Hosting and things are much better. I will reconstruct old posts as I am able to retrieve the content.