Young People Today …

If young people today are so bad then it is because they have us as an example to follow… The debacle in our Federal Parliament over what is a relatively small number of refugees coming to Australia by boat is just shameful. These people are elected to represent their constituents, sure. That does not mean that they lose all responsibility.

The argument that they represent the views of their electorate is a poor one. It is a minority of their electorates who would make the decision themselves to let hundreds of people die when they could save them. But vocal minorities who do not want anyone “to jump queues” get to make the decisions because they get heard in the media. Since when was queue jumping punishable by death? Rather than find a humane and sensible approach to processing people trying to enter the country without a permit (legally by International conventions Australia has signed up to), the political parties prefer to allow hundreds of people to die. Why? Sadly it is to score political points and nothing more. May history condemn you, who by your failure to act humanely, cause others to die.

Dear Australia Post …

I used to really like it when parcels delivered to my home, when I was not there, would be taken to the local post office where I could pick it up on a Saturday or late afternoon. So why do you now send the parcel off to a depot where they are only open during hours when I normally work (more than an hour’s round trip away too!) and not open at all on the weekend?

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Olympic Coverage

This is a Rant… I have to say that the Olympic coverage that was on the commercial Channel this weekend is so bad that I have turned it off. I refuse to watch it. I tried to watch the Women’s basketball earlier in the week and it was impossible. They kept showing 3-5 minutes then switching to some other trivial thing. This was elimination so it was important to see how things went. It was even Australia! The things they crossed over to were promos, “news breaks” that only covered what they had covered the previous one and montages of things that someone in the studio thought that everyone else should see. Anything that might be interesting (badminton, volleyball, basketball or sailing) was ignored unless there was a medal being won by an Australian. So stupid and sad. Then there is the insufferable commentary and the inane hosts … Gaaaa