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The more observant of you may see that I have not posted for over half a year. This is why…My mother died in mid September after a lengthy period of illness that included minor strokes, frequent trips to hospital with breathing problems and heart problems. Her death certificate was blunt. She died from the results of smoking. She also died at peace. She signed a document instructing medical staff not to revive her and informed them she was no longer eating anything. For someone at around 40 Kg that meant she would not last long. I drove up to Queensland to be with her at the last only to miss out by under two hours. The photo attached to this post was taken in July before I left for Europe.

The next month was taken up with funeral arrangements and sorting out her estate. Well, starting to sort it out. My brother wants to stay living in my mother’s house so we are finding a way to do that. It seems like that will take a lot of time to complete.

In March I resigned from my job as Consulting Director at Oakton. I knew I needed to spend some time with my mother and there were other reasons as well. I also had a planned trip to Europe that I had deferred for the past two years. This time I needed to be there for my son’s wedding celebration at the end of August. I believe that my mother held on until I returned from that and decided that she had suffered more than enough.

When I got back, I also decided that early retirement was not for me and took on a delightful job at WDScott. I am working at Partner level and in pure consulting with excellent people.

So this means that after this little update you will see some more travel photos and stories. You can expect a few posts on cricket and on work/consulting.

Finally, I think I need to migrate all the old content to this blog format so everything is in one place. This will be done in my copious spare time.

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