Welcome to my 6th website

I have decided to do another website redesign. I bought a commercial template and tried to use it but they just try to be too fancy. Simple is often better - more so in the web. Does anyone really like waiting for seconds or minutes while a flash introduction plays? Well, I do not so I will not make you do it either.

I have a blog attached to this site. I had to redo the site after a few problems. See the blog for details if you are interested...

Please check the Photos and the blog but the things I have put under Historical is a collection of things from the past that I cannot seem to throw away.

 This is where to go to get a web template like the one I am using

What about me?

So you might just want to know a thing or two about me. That is why you are here after all...

I have learned a thing or two over the years. What I have learned is simple but it took a lot of time to learn it. I learned that not much matters if you do not know the story that belongs to others. Nothing you do makes much sense unless you know the story behind what you are doing.

You cannot go to Indonesia or PNG and expect to achieve anything if you do not take the time to understand what their history and culture is. You cannot expect people to do what you want unless you are prepared to engage with them and understand what makes them live the life they do. You cannot visit Poland or China and hope to understand why they do things so differently without understanding how they came to be what and who they are through the stories of their past.

You cannot work with others unless you understand them. Know how they got to where they are now. Believe that you share something of value. Want to achieve something together. You cannot play team sports without knowing your own strengths and limits. You will not perform at your best unless you know your teammates; their strengths and where each of you can help each other out.

When you know your own story and the story of others with which you intend to share a journey, then you can write new stories that matter.

New things

The photo gallery is now much better. This one is fast and reliable. I hope you enjoy it. I can now concentrate on putting some of my old photographs up. For cricket things go to the gallery for photos and the blog for game summaries.

I have also updated the Places page. A section on Ballarat and family around that area is now started.

The Blog is started and may be a regular thing if anyone actually reads it. If not then I will remove it. It is more an online diary than a serious piece of "content".