Places I have been that matter to me

I have had the good fortune to visit many places in the world and meet people as part of my work. Here are some of them and a bit about where I was born and the family roots. More details can be found at the links or by choosing the More link. This page is for travel places. The Ballarat link to the side is for there!


Monas - the national monument. The park around this is Medan Mederka - Freedom Park. It commemorates the time of freedom from colonial rule in the late 1940's when Sukarno and Hatta were the independence heroes. Symbols are important and this one shows the struggle to lift the Indonesian people from the control of colonial masters.


I stayed in Jakarta for four months while delivering the Y2K Risk Mitigation Project on behalf of the World Bank.

A nice view from the Hotel Borobudor, but the buildings next to these had been burned just 8 months before this was taken in riots orchestrated by conservative elements who did not want the free elections to run smoothly.

This is what it looked like on New Years Eve 1999. Looking over Medan Mederka from the Posko Transisi Tahun Dua Ribu. The command centre for the response at the "transition" to the year 2000.


After working 12+ hour days for 37 days straight, I was able to take a weekend off once we had dealt with the critical isses after 1 January, 2000. A model of the Borobudur Temple in the hotel got me interested so I organised a trip to the real thing. Travel was by train and a chauffered vehicle to get to the Temple.

This is looking out from the Borobudur monument or Temple.

Looking at one part of the lower Temple.

An active volcano, Merapi near to Borobudur. We stopped and had a late lunch there and watched one of the heaviest rainstorms I have seen anywhere. The volcano probably preserved the temple by covering it in ash for nearly a thousand years before it was excavated in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is an incredible place full of very different landscape and culture.

around Port Moresby

This is taken from the old .. hotel.


I was in Palau from July to October 1999

Rock Islands

The rock islands are the gems of Palau and we were able to take a long weekend (a local holiday so none of the locals were available to work on the Y2K problem).


I was in Palau from July to October 1999


Hong Kong

I was in Hong Hong in July 2008. I had to stay there for three days until a flight to Australia was available. The World Youth something was on in Sydney and that meant only Business class flights were available so the cheaper option was to stay in Hong Kong for a few days. That was fortunate for me because I really enjoyed it.

The Peak