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There is a lot going on in my life. Some of it is serious and some is not. Therefore there are two sub pages to describe it all.

Are we happy?

What is happiness even… This is a good question. Treat the questions below like a…

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Why I went offline

The short story is that Servage sent me a message telling me that there were…

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Shift in world power

p>Not only is Capitalism under siege but the supremacy of the USA as dominant world…

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Summary of Brews

The BrewsUp to Brew 8, this was kept in a notebook. After that brew, I used Brewfather to track recipes,…

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Brewfather measurements

I will do a separate post outlining why and fully explain myself! However please read on… Odd title, if you…
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Brewing Journey Pt 3

Brewing Different StylesTesting my skills and developing new ones by doing new things Several styles and new equipment and processes…

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Brewing Journey Pt 2

ExperimentsLearning about brewing and how to get it all right Experiment 1 Malt Milling Grain millingSome of what I want…

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A Brewing Journey

Discovering brewing and a bit of the 1850s The beginningExtracts from forum posts edited It was suggested that I should…

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