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Brewing slowly

This page started out as a journal in a closed forum for the Canberra Brewers. I have transferred to here because other people wanted to see what I have been doing. What is that?

Firstly, I am working to replicate a recipe that my great great grandfather seems to have had in the mid 19th century, in Ballarat. In order to do that I had to learn how to brew. I have also learned how to grow hops and barley. To malt barley and a lot of biochemistry along the way.

More posts coming soon. When I complete them

Summary of Brews

The BrewsUp to Brew 8, this was kept in a notebook. After that brew, I used Brewfather to track recipes, inventory, batches and tasting notes.…
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Brewfather measurements

I will do a separate post outlining why and fully explain myself! However please read on… Odd title, if you know nothing about brewing they…
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Brewing Journey Pt 3

Brewing Different StylesTesting my skills and developing new ones by doing new things Several styles and new equipment and processes I let this ferment go…
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Brewing Journey Pt 2

ExperimentsLearning about brewing and how to get it all right Experiment 1 Malt Milling Grain millingSome of what I want to do is to test…
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A Brewing Journey

Discovering brewing and a bit of the 1850s The beginningExtracts from forum posts edited It was suggested that I should blog my grand (overly?) plan…
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